Training and Networking Services (TNS) under SARIC aims to build the technical capacity of individuals working on the preparation of SARIC supported activities; general capacity building for regional leaders to support best practice in regional leadership and approaches to planning, financing, and implementation of infrastructure projects. TNS for SARIC also focuses on developing and nurturing networks between Australia and South Asia.

Under Training and Networking Services, Palladium will aim to design training models that are aligned to the articulated capacity gaps identified by the World Bank and IFC leading to holistic development of participants. Palladium will also build and foster linkages between professionals in the region and sources of expertise in the Australian government(s) regulatory agencies and the private sector.

TNS under the program will

  • Encourage participants from the region to absorb knowledge and good practice and to work together across borders
  • Provide individuals with increased knowledge and exposure to a wider set of relationships, including with partners in Australian academia, industry, and government
  • Effective partnerships enabling Australia to make a difference
  • Influence knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of staff engaged on large regional infrastructure projects as well as key eco-system stakeholders in the region

SARIC in Workplace

Drawing from the best practices of Australia Awards, all SARIC course participants will be required to complete a ‘SARIC in workplace’ (SiW) plan during the training phase. SiW is designed to help participants focus on the outcomes of the training and to integrate the learnings with their work. These plans are developed along with the training partners and would include a set of activities aligned to the project identified which may be undertaken once the participant is back to work. Palladium and the training partner will work together to ensure that the ‘SARIC in workplace’ plan aligns to the requirements of the participants’ workplace needs.

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