Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) leads the Australian Government’s global alumni engagement efforts with government partners in Australia and throughout the diplomatic network. The Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy 2016-2020 takes an inclusive approach to Australia’s global alumni, recognising the two-way flow of Australia’s international education. Leaning on to DFAT’s public diplomacy strategy which also prioritises building and nurturing networks of influence and strengthening engagement with domestic and international stakeholders, SARIC cohorts through networking and alumni engagement activities will actively contribute to the set priorities. Networking under SARIC will achieve the following in line with promoting deep linkages between Australia and the South Asia region:

  • strengthen engagement with key institutions
  • foster international linkages
  • promote dialogue with industry and the private sector
  • showcase Australian innovation and expertise

The purpose of networking under SARIC is to enhance the knowledge and skills of course participants by providing them with multiple channels to engage with experts, academia, industry, networks and peers from infrastructure, energy, transport, and allied sectors. Objectives of networking include to:

  • establish an appropriate structure, such as an alumni association, or identify an appropriate existing structure or network, which all course participants will be able to join following their study
  • ensure that the network provides substantive interaction between members; facilitates linkages with other networks within the region and between the region and Australia
  • be used as a tool to disseminate research that supports regional perspectives in energy and transport infrastructure, specifically in relation to SARIC supported activities
  • facilitate alumni interaction opportunities and discussions on regional integration and topic of relevance
  • leave individuals with increased knowledge and exposure to a wider set of relationships, including with Australian industry and government