This training initiative represents a collaborative initiative between SARIC and Australia Awards-South Asia & Mongolia, aimed at fostering capacity development. The primary objective of this short course is to enhance the knowledge, comprehension, and skill set of officers hailing from the Water and Energy Commission of Nepal, as well as associated national institutions and government agencies from other South Asian countries, in the domain of integrated river basin management.

The Short Course will introduce the trainees to Australia’s approach to river basin management through briefings and presentations, as well as field visits to see river basin management in practice.  Upon completion of the course participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the objectives, approaches, and tools available for integrated river basin management. Participants will be equipped with the skills to take a whole-of-system approach more effectively in managing a co-evolved social-ecological system-river basin.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Compare the historical development of large multi jurisdictional river basins from an economic, social and environmental perspective
  • Identify links between the historical development and the management challenges facing the current generation of river basin managers
  • Review, analyse and critique the policy and other reforms designed to solve a range of river basin management challenges
  • Create new solutions to particular contemporary river basin management challenges.
  • Identify and describe the key elements involved with modelling water resource systems
  • Integrate GEDSI principles and strategies throughout the entire process of river basin planning and governance

Participants will also develop or enhance the following skills/attributes: 

  • A network of river basin management professionals, both in Nepal and Australia.
  • The ability to identify issues, and to formulate and implement solutions in response.
  • Utilise a systems approach to address complex realities
  • Field work skills
  • Cross-cultural communication and research skills

Eligibility Criteria

Specific Criteria 

The selection process will aim to select participants with diverse backgrounds, using the following criteria:  

  • varying years of professional experience in water/river management  
  • target at least 30% women participants from all levels plus representation from diverse ethnicities including those from traditionally marginalised groups and people with disability.  
  • a range of qualifications  
  • varying responsibilities in the water sector   
  • participants from Provincial offices responsible for river basin management  
  • working level English language proficiency  

Time Commitment Required

Participants must be committed and available to participate in the Short Course activities both in person and online and must obtain the necessary study leave approvals from their business.

  • Preliminary Activities (online): (online, three days) : 6-8 May
  • Core Learning Elements (in Australia): 27 May – 7 June
  • Applied Learning Activities (in Kathmandu/ Online):  TBC July/ August 2024
  • All dates and locations are tentative and more information will be provided at the time of selection.

This is an invite-only training. Please proceed by clicking on the registration button only if you have received an invitation email from the SARIC Team