The ‘Ports Learning Tour’ in Thailand aims to enable senior officials from Bangladesh to learn from Thailand’s successful development of the globally competitive Laem Chabang Port (LCP). The tour aims to bridge skill gaps, enhance knowledge of public-private partnerships (PPP), widen exposure to regional peers, and foster knowledge exchange to support Bangladesh’s port sector reforms. The tour comprises five structured sessions in Bangkok and Laem Chabang.

During these sessions, the delegation will engage with counterparts from the Thai central government and other pertinent private sector stakeholders. The program will delve into government-level management and regulatory systems that influence port operations. Additionally, participants will engage in discussions with key agencies to gain insights into the evolution of Thai container ports, challenges in the container port sector, priority reform measures, and the measurement of key performance indicators.



The program’s content delivery is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Online orientation

This phase entails a comprehensive pre-departure briefing lasting 2-4 hours, conducted virtually to prepare participants for the upcoming experience

Phase 2: Learning tour

This phase spans five days of in-person activities in Thailand, accompanied by a networking event to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge

Phase 3: Applied learning

Within one month of their return from the learning tour, participants will engage in a one-day online session, allowing them to apply and integrate the knowledge acquired

In addition to the technical coursework, participants will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to valuable knowledge and industry best practices
  • Establishment of deeper relationships and networks
  • Expansion of the participants' exposure to regional government and industry peers involved in the development, operation, and management of port PPP models. This includes government counterparts, operators, and investors in Thai container ports, particularly LCP

This is an invite only training