The proposed short training program on Dam Safety Principles aims to address the need for capacity building in the development of dam structures in South Asia. Through a combination of classroom training and field trips to suitable sites in Tasmania, the course aims to provide practical knowledge on dam safety principles such as risk assessment, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and emergency preparedness.

The course is designed to equip officials and executives from South Asia with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the safe and effective development of dam structures in the region

This short training will be delivered through a blended learning model (online and in classroom with site visits, guest speakers and engagement with relevant organisations). The blended learning approach will include three components:

Preliminary learning phase-

This phase aims to set the context for the training for the participants. Conducted online for 1-2 days, it will set and align the expectations of the participants vis a vis the overall learning outcome.

Training phase-

This phase would be conducted in Tasmania. The training in Australia will be for 7 days. The training partner will be anchoring this phase that includes delivery of classroom learning, exposure through field visits and networking opportunities.

Applied learning and mentoring phase-

The participants will be expected to apply the concepts learned during the SARIC training in their work environment. A one-day online engagement called ‘SARIC in Workplace’ will be arranged for presentations by the alumni on utilising their learnings at workplace.

Through a combination of online and offline learning activities, site visits, case studies and interactions with Australian experts, organisations and institutions; participants will benefit from:

  • Increased awareness in broad dam safety principles as implemented in countries that have fully applied the ICOLD framework, the current and proposed principles that apply in Australia and each of the SAR countries along with the expectations of the World Bank and IFC for supported programs and projects.
  • Trainings and networking that fosters coalitions and networks.
  • An ability to understand and apply the knowledge at workplace post training.

This is an invite only training. Please proceed by clicking on the registration button only if you have received an invitation email from the SARIC team.