Talking about disability inclusion

Shivani Gupta,  Senior Inclusive Design Manager, at the Global Disability Infrastructure Hub and Tammy McGowan, an experienced disability consultant with MAVEN, Palladium discuss disability-inclusive infrastructure – what it involves and why it’s important with Ruth and Anu.

Podcast Speakers
Shivani Gupta / Senior Inclusive Design Manager

Shivani is a highly motivated person with disabilities, who is extremely passionate about disability-inclusive development and rights. Shivani has over 25 years of experience in working towards promoting inclusive community living in India and globally. Her areas of expertise include inclusion and accessibility, disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction, assistive technologies and support services.

Tammy McGowan / Coordinator and Trainer

Diagnosed as an adult as Autistic, ADHD and Dyslexic with Auditory Processing Disorder, Tammy is an experienced coordinator and trainer with a history of working in the community services and disability sectors. Tammy is passionate about disability advocacy, social inclusion, trauma informed and person-centred practice. Tammy is a graduate of the Autism CRC Sylvia Roger Academy Future Leaders program and the Autism CRC Sylvia Roger Academy Governance program.

Dr Anu Mundkur / Author and Thought Leader

Anu is a published author and thought leader on gender equality and social inclusion. She has advised governments, international agencies and non-profits in the Asia Pacific region on implementing inclusive gender equality in policy, programs and projects. She is a skilled facilitator with many years of teaching and training experience on a range of gender-related issues.

Ruth Lancaster / Co-Founder/Director, Equalis

Ruth possesses a multifaceted professional background spanning various industries. Her primary professional objective centres around advancing women’s involvement within markets and fostering dignified employment prospects for women. Her engagement within both small and large-scale collaborations has prominently revolved around addressing the pressing concern of modern slavery and the empowerment of women and girls